Free Presets

Been a minute since I wrote one of these and from analytics I am actually a bit surprised that a few people stumble upon here. I do it mainly for SEO purposes but hey, if you’re reading this, thank you.

Anyways I have made a free preset pack a while back and hope ya’ll enjoy. Did I mention that it was free?




18 Tacos //008

Another vlog in another week!? 



Yeah.... from March doe. But really wanted to drop this one for a while. I edited it pretty quickly last week and pretty happy considering I didn't get a whole lot of footage. Think my style or what I vibe with is really coming across.


In terms of what new things I did/learned I did this cool MW2 title at the start. Pretty easy to learn and very cool effect, just youtube "call of duty text after effects" and it should show up. Apply a green glow, get the sound effects from YT, and BAM! a banger. Other than that I also recently bought motionbro's handy seamless transitions and used a few of them in this video. The camera pan is a bit cheesy but I just wanted to play with it. I do like the light flare although you can find pretty good ones on youtube too. I also played around with a phone flash camera transition that I thought came out decent. 


And yes, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I got footage of me eating the whole thing but it was super dark. As you can see on the footage things were grainy af. Anyways hope you enjoyed :)

New kicks! //007

After the long wait, the new vlog is up!



To be honest I didn't even want to make this one. Not super interesting nor did I do a lot of new things with it. But I think the end results was somewhat entertaining and it was a bit of a warm up to get me back into editing. Tried b-roll footage with the shoes at my new place, thats why the background was different so that was something new to try out. You probably can tell but some of it was shot with an iphone on a gimbal, but even though it was smoother I still prefer the 80D footage handheld a lot more. 


Colorgrading also improved... in my opinion haha. But I'm finally going to be upgrading hardware and be editing on my XPS15 now so I can have more resources to handle color grading better and probably (hopefully) improve! 

Tried some meme editing as well and I think this is a case of turning something from nothing. Not that I'm proud of it. I'm borderline considering not even uploading this and am not going to advertise/promote it on social media. I think this goes back to the point in my last vlog where I said I was uninspired and vlogs dont really have that much meaning for me anymore especially when my life isn't that interesting all the time. 


Hmm... we'll see. Might talk about this in an upcoming video. And don't worry, 2 new videos are underway so I won't be gone for another hiatus lmao


Also I decided to (pretty much) keep the shoes. Theyre still deadstock as of now (7/3/18) but I used my UBs that I got last year and they are soooo nice. I would probably end up getting another pair of shoes for the gym anyways so these function as gym + casual shoes so this saves me from getting another pair in the future. 






First time Northeastern has won the beanpot since 1988! //006

Back with that monthly update yo. Actually edited it like 2 weeks ago but wanted to get a "headstart" on editing Vlog 7... so far not much luck. 

On to the actual video. 

I know, what you're thinking "oh my guhd RahyN!that drone shot so sexy". Well it's not mine. I linked it in the description below. I asked for permission, didn't get a response yet. Noticed someone else ask for permission which got a yes, he seems like a nice guy. Hopefully he's ok with this. If you know him or you are him, and don't want me using it, let me know! I'll take the video down. I edited it a bit so it's under fair use. 

Other than that I tried multi-camera sequence. Should've been easier if i made a loud sound at the beginning to sync it up in the premiere multi camera sequence feature but the audio is screwed up on my yi 4k (a point I'm going to make on an upcoming review ? 

I also tried these film burn overlays which I thought looked neat. Other than that not too much of new stuff. Which is what I'm trying to do in video editing. Anyways hope you enjoyed this Northeastern win in the beanpot over BU.

I also tried these film burn overlays which I thought looked neat. Other than that not too much of new stuff. Which is what I'm trying to do in video editing. Anyways hope you enjoyed this Northeastern win in the beanpot over BU.

Game Of Thrones Bar in Boston //005

So I delivered! If you read my last blog post when it was announced I pretty much posted my vlog right after that. 


So in this episode I'm back in Boston. Haven't filmed in a while or done anything creative, just uninspired and not a lot going on besides adjusting back to college life and the #grind but decided to shoot that day and ended up going to a Game Of Thrones Bar that a friend heard about.


Turned out to be underwhelming since it was just literally a few decorations outside. I mean, now that I think about it, its decent effort for a bar to do this. But I kinda expected more, maybe not for the cast to come but interior decoration would be nice as well... I dunno. anyways I feel like I got some decent footage there. Tried a few new things like the crop cut tool, inspired by Playboi Carti's Magnolia music video. Also some Luma fading and I really feel like I'm getting better at color grading. Slightly, but its progress. The lumetri color is just so unintuitive compared to lightroom....  Oh yeah and I did more glitch-y effects, courtesy of tutorials by m'boy Justin Odisho! This precious meme was pretty funny too, got the emoji animation from notiansans. 



Anyways hope you guys enjoy and definitely some exciting projects in the works. 

Why I haven't been active

Nobody probably read these anyways but I just felt like writing something up.


Last few weeks have been pretty busy with school work, extracurricular,  errands, job search, personal work, etc. Just got around to editing a vlog that happened about a month ago (lol just like the new years vlog). There's just way much more stuff going on compared to a few months ago when I had a bunch of free time. Now I always have something to do. I even thought about doing daily content lol. I still might but eh...


Anyways watch out for the next vlog.... please?

Youtube "Niches"

Nope, not a video. But one coming soon, I promise.... and this isn't like the "promise" I made about weekly videos either. And I wish I could... but I've been swamped with school, trying to get more creative opportunities, errands, etc. A ton going on.


Anyways... onto the topic:

Youtube Niches

One of the things people say you have to do in Youtube (or even business) is to focus on your niche. And this could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing. 


As I'm getting started out on Youtube, I want to do a bunch of things. I don't want to be just in a box. I'm much more than just a vlogger. I want to be a reviewer, maybe tutorial, maybe show off some of my other hobbies such as fitness, or do some fashion stuff. There's just so much I want to do in video. The possibilities really are endless. 


And at the start I will try to do more than one thing. But I know it won't last. 


I'm not against the way things are... at least not completely. I know niches help you grow as a creator and help your channel grow as well. If you specialize in something, you're likely to be one of the best at something. Better to be good at one or a few things than mediocre at a lot of things. (Almost) everyone I'm subscribed to on Youtube has a niche. It just makes sense. Niches help your channel grow. Your audience wants to expect something and get it every time they visit your channel. Other content that you may be passionate about may not align with their interests. And I get that.


This all goes back to the idea of are you creating for yourself or for others? I think that as your channel grows you need to find some sort of compromise if you want to be "successful". But I don't think you should ever, EVER, make content you don't believe in. Maybe there is content you believe slightly less in, but you should still feel somewhat inspired by everything you make. That's how I see things. 



So what will I do?


At the start I'll definitely try new things out. I don't even know if I want to be a "successful" youtuber. I mean a following definitely helps with connections and stuff but I just know that I want to make content that I believe in. And my channel on Youtube isn't the only platform. 


So... at the start I will try different things such as travel videos, reviews, vlogs, test footage, etc. And maybe somewhere down the line, I'll really click with something and have a niche. 

My Last Drink... //004

of 2017. HHUHAUHAUHEUAHEAUHuhahauahuehua. 

Only uploaded 31 days later... lmao. 

After settling down with school, jetlag and editing my five premiere mistakes video (which I have yet to make a post for btw, lol.) I finally got time to edit this video. It was a fun one. Some new things I tried out was screen and speed up over clips, editing phone footage with highpass audio filters, audio pitches, and laser beam eyes (personal fav from this video). I did more of VHS, glitchy stuff, and dreamy RGB split vibes which all I really like. I'm really inspired by AWGE videos, Eric Andre, and just trippy/glitchy videos, so expect more of that...

The M2 thing was kind of a joke since we were trying to get there. After the pregame we got to a really chill bar which wasn't the type of vibe we were going for at new years so we tried to get to a club, but failed and ended up at a family mart. Which was actually pretty fun, because we had each other! Much better than last year's new years where my phone got stolen. 

Next vlog soon.... I hope. 



Screenprinted Supreme// 003

Late again... I think. 


Yeah I don't this once a week thing is happening. I even envisioned more tbh. And I COULD'VE done this edit faster but just didn't get around to it due to enjoying my last few days in Shanghai before school, then the flight, then adjusting to Boston timezone, jetlag, and school again.


I will try to edit new years vlog ASAP though. 


Anyways onto this video. This video is mainly just a "fun" vlog. We went around Kerry and NanJingDongLu for the bigger stores and a hypebeast store at NanJingXiLu. I didn't really try anything that new with this vlog, I thought the edit came out better than previous ones. I think I did slowmo/speed remapping better here, color grading better, etc. But I did do something new... in production. I did these cool transitions through camera panning movements and I thought it turned out well. Inspired by a number of Youtubers (Casey Neistat, Rory Kramer, etc.) and I've been meaning to do it for a while now and I have done it before but never edited it or it didn't come out well. 


Anyways for the subject at hand:

"What does it mean to be a Hypebeast?"

In my opinion, being a hypebeast means you're following these trends. Which in itself, isn't a bad thing. But if you yourself have to like the pieces as well, and you shouldn't overdo it. I personally don't like it when its overdone, and the person wearing the pieces don't really have a sense of fashion and just following these trends to please others. And to an extent we all do this but I think over time we do develop our own taste and style. But at the end, do what you like. If overdoing something is your style and you really do like that Offwhite pants and offwhite hoodie combo, go for it. But usually it comes off as a total flex.


Let me know what you think it means to be a hypebeast in the youtube comment section. I think this is an interesting topic. 

Write your ideas down. // 002

Yeah, I realize I'm late. Not that it matters to my 16 subscribers... or does it? Let me know if it does!


But yeah, this footage is pretty "old". About 2 weeks old... I honestly could've done this earlier but vlog 1 took me longer to edit (than I thought it would). I was also pretty lazy or didn't have any specific vision for this video. If you've watched it, I think you can tell that there is way less thought that went into this video than my last video. Which I think is my best one yet, so check it out!


I actually thought about not uploading this, and I may even delete it in the future. But for now I'm saying I probably won't. Along with this, I hope to explain why I chose to upload this despite it being a pretty boring episode. 


I think, especially with youtube, videos can be more casual but things should be more consistent/regular. My uploads in the past have been pretty sporadic and by no means does this mean that I intend to daily vlog but just uploading more would be nice. I think just forcing myself to make content will make me better at it, I didn't learn a whole lot with this video but I did try some new things out and I did have fun making it. And if slowly, over time, thats how I get better then I don't mind it. 

Plus uploading more consistently just gives me more drive and improves my turnaround time.

Compared with my first episode, a lot less pre-production went into this and for a casual vlog I think its fine. But if in the future I want to make something flow well, I think a lot of preproduction and planning has to go into it.


More on having a notebook

So yeah the main "topic" of this video is pretty boring, but a helpful tip... hopefully!

I just googled this randomly:


but I've heard all of this throughout school from my teachers, and talked about it in my Psych classes. I think it makes sense but regardless, these days I think a lot of people can benefit from time off a screen and if you were to use this tip, then using a notebook (w/pen and paper) is a good idea!


Either way I hope ya'll start journaling/keeping a notebook more.

My first vlog?

I just dropped my first "vlog" I guess. 


Some would say my new york videos were vlogs, and I kinda see that but I don't consider them vlogs really. Maybe because I feel like I didn't talk as much in them or I feel like they're more travel videos than a vlog, but its just how I see things.


In the video, I unbox and give my impressions on the yi4k. The yi4k has been reviewed a lot, and the general consensus is that its a pretty good action camera (especially at the price point). I also go to century park in Shanghai, which is near my house and talk about why I want to be a youtuber and create videos.


Essentially it came down to 3 points:


  1. To work on something I'm passionate about.

Filmmaking has become a recent passion of mine and I am determined to pursue it at some level. Ideally I would get a job in this industry somehow. I don't have set ideals (youtuber, tv show creator, DP of a movie, etc.), but this "media" industry is definitely something I'm interested in. So it isn't just videos, but in this particular video I talk about videos. But also design, photography, and animation. 


The way I see things, is that even if my content isn't THAT captivating, I will never improve if I don't create. So by making Vlogs and other content, I can work on my technical skills as well as my creative skills. Over time I hope to make boring content seem more exciting for the purpose of media, etc. Even though I am focused on quality, I'm also trying to be focused on quantity as well just so I can experiment with all kinds of content and find my vision.


  2. Express myself better


Speaking of vision, I want to be able to express my vision in the way I want and how I see things. There are a lot of things I am passionate about or feel that my voice should be heard and I want to mediate it in such a way that it aligns with my perspective and transcribes what I feel/see. In that, I will explore many ways to do so and eventually find a way that expresses my vision the best.


On top of that, expressing myself also includes not only the filmmaking portion to mediate how I see things but also the actor portion of things. In relation to vlogging or youtube, this is more of public speaking. I'm not a great public speaker, and I even took a class in college to try to help me. It actually did help me, but I'm still a pretty weak public speaker. Not great in front of the camera either. But over time and just doing it, will help me get better. I can take another class on public speaking if I want to, but I won't improve as much as I would if I were to just shoot videos of myself and speak in front of the camera. You learn best by DOING. 


3. All of it is fun to me!

Like I said at the start, it is something I'm passionate about. And why wouldn't you devote your time to things you care about and find fun? 


What is important is that I find this thing (filmming, DP, Photography, audio mixing, editing, etc.), all of it, fun! I enjoy it. 


Bonus points


I'm not really doing this for the pursuit of money or internet fame. Although they would be nice byproducts. I want to stay true to myself and do things I feel are right and hopefully attract an audience that feels the same. This is a creative/artistic pursuit of mine and although business might come in the mix, I would be doing this regardless... because I believe in my vision and its fun.


That's also why I don't necessarily believe in going into a certain niche right now either. Many people advise youtubers to stick to a niche and do regular uploads and that advice is very real and valid (and can be very helpful) but for now I will not follow it unless it feels right. I feel like there are a LOT of things I want to explore and talk about that I'm just going to be throwing ideas out at the start. And later on I might pick a niche for one channel (or more) but for now it's whatever I feel like doing (vlogs, travel videos, reviews, fitness videos, etc.)



A bonus point that I didn't include in the video is that it just helps me keep memories. We are lucky to be living in a time where we have so much power in our computers and cameras that this is possible for normal people. The power of creativity is as accessible as ever. Our parents or grandparents didn't really have this access to document their lives and be able to look back and see what they really did. 



I'm not going to be making daily vlogs (yet...?) but I will be making weekly content. Not necessarily vlogs but always content that I want to at least try. Watch out for vlog 2... coming soon.


PS. this video has been out 1 week at this point and I'm a bit disheartened that it has so little views especially compared to my other videos. So far, I've felt like the newest video I make (at the time) is usually the best one. I look at some of my other videos and the coloring is abysmal (not that its great here) and the editing is sporadic.  


Blog #1: SEO

Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. 


No I'm not a narcissist. At least not that big of one.

Apparently having a blog helps your website in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization- basically means it gets you to page one of google search). The reasoning behind this is that it marks the website as an active one, so here goes my first blog post. 

Thing is, I actually do like writing (about things I care about), and I do have a lot of ideas for blog posts. So this works out in the end. But for now I don't have much to say so I just wrote my name over and over again so that hopefully the next time I google myself (we all do it!) my website will be near the top. 

Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. Ryan Putranto. 

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