Screenprinted Supreme// 003

Late again... I think. 


Yeah I don't this once a week thing is happening. I even envisioned more tbh. And I COULD'VE done this edit faster but just didn't get around to it due to enjoying my last few days in Shanghai before school, then the flight, then adjusting to Boston timezone, jetlag, and school again.


I will try to edit new years vlog ASAP though. 


Anyways onto this video. This video is mainly just a "fun" vlog. We went around Kerry and NanJingDongLu for the bigger stores and a hypebeast store at NanJingXiLu. I didn't really try anything that new with this vlog, I thought the edit came out better than previous ones. I think I did slowmo/speed remapping better here, color grading better, etc. But I did do something new... in production. I did these cool transitions through camera panning movements and I thought it turned out well. Inspired by a number of Youtubers (Casey Neistat, Rory Kramer, etc.) and I've been meaning to do it for a while now and I have done it before but never edited it or it didn't come out well. 


Anyways for the subject at hand:

"What does it mean to be a Hypebeast?"

In my opinion, being a hypebeast means you're following these trends. Which in itself, isn't a bad thing. But if you yourself have to like the pieces as well, and you shouldn't overdo it. I personally don't like it when its overdone, and the person wearing the pieces don't really have a sense of fashion and just following these trends to please others. And to an extent we all do this but I think over time we do develop our own taste and style. But at the end, do what you like. If overdoing something is your style and you really do like that Offwhite pants and offwhite hoodie combo, go for it. But usually it comes off as a total flex.


Let me know what you think it means to be a hypebeast in the youtube comment section. I think this is an interesting topic.