Youtube "Niches"

Nope, not a video. But one coming soon, I promise.... and this isn't like the "promise" I made about weekly videos either. And I wish I could... but I've been swamped with school, trying to get more creative opportunities, errands, etc. A ton going on.


Anyways... onto the topic:

Youtube Niches

One of the things people say you have to do in Youtube (or even business) is to focus on your niche. And this could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing. 


As I'm getting started out on Youtube, I want to do a bunch of things. I don't want to be just in a box. I'm much more than just a vlogger. I want to be a reviewer, maybe tutorial, maybe show off some of my other hobbies such as fitness, or do some fashion stuff. There's just so much I want to do in video. The possibilities really are endless. 


And at the start I will try to do more than one thing. But I know it won't last. 


I'm not against the way things are... at least not completely. I know niches help you grow as a creator and help your channel grow as well. If you specialize in something, you're likely to be one of the best at something. Better to be good at one or a few things than mediocre at a lot of things. (Almost) everyone I'm subscribed to on Youtube has a niche. It just makes sense. Niches help your channel grow. Your audience wants to expect something and get it every time they visit your channel. Other content that you may be passionate about may not align with their interests. And I get that.


This all goes back to the idea of are you creating for yourself or for others? I think that as your channel grows you need to find some sort of compromise if you want to be "successful". But I don't think you should ever, EVER, make content you don't believe in. Maybe there is content you believe slightly less in, but you should still feel somewhat inspired by everything you make. That's how I see things. 



So what will I do?


At the start I'll definitely try new things out. I don't even know if I want to be a "successful" youtuber. I mean a following definitely helps with connections and stuff but I just know that I want to make content that I believe in. And my channel on Youtube isn't the only platform. 


So... at the start I will try different things such as travel videos, reviews, vlogs, test footage, etc. And maybe somewhere down the line, I'll really click with something and have a niche.