My Last Drink... //004

of 2017. HHUHAUHAUHEUAHEAUHuhahauahuehua. 

Only uploaded 31 days later... lmao. 

After settling down with school, jetlag and editing my five premiere mistakes video (which I have yet to make a post for btw, lol.) I finally got time to edit this video. It was a fun one. Some new things I tried out was screen and speed up over clips, editing phone footage with highpass audio filters, audio pitches, and laser beam eyes (personal fav from this video). I did more of VHS, glitchy stuff, and dreamy RGB split vibes which all I really like. I'm really inspired by AWGE videos, Eric Andre, and just trippy/glitchy videos, so expect more of that...

The M2 thing was kind of a joke since we were trying to get there. After the pregame we got to a really chill bar which wasn't the type of vibe we were going for at new years so we tried to get to a club, but failed and ended up at a family mart. Which was actually pretty fun, because we had each other! Much better than last year's new years where my phone got stolen. 

Next vlog soon.... I hope.