Game Of Thrones Bar in Boston //005

So I delivered! If you read my last blog post when it was announced I pretty much posted my vlog right after that. 


So in this episode I'm back in Boston. Haven't filmed in a while or done anything creative, just uninspired and not a lot going on besides adjusting back to college life and the #grind but decided to shoot that day and ended up going to a Game Of Thrones Bar that a friend heard about.


Turned out to be underwhelming since it was just literally a few decorations outside. I mean, now that I think about it, its decent effort for a bar to do this. But I kinda expected more, maybe not for the cast to come but interior decoration would be nice as well... I dunno. anyways I feel like I got some decent footage there. Tried a few new things like the crop cut tool, inspired by Playboi Carti's Magnolia music video. Also some Luma fading and I really feel like I'm getting better at color grading. Slightly, but its progress. The lumetri color is just so unintuitive compared to lightroom....  Oh yeah and I did more glitch-y effects, courtesy of tutorials by m'boy Justin Odisho! This precious meme was pretty funny too, got the emoji animation from notiansans. 



Anyways hope you guys enjoy and definitely some exciting projects in the works.