18 Tacos //008

Another vlog in another week!? 



Yeah.... from March doe. But really wanted to drop this one for a while. I edited it pretty quickly last week and pretty happy considering I didn't get a whole lot of footage. Think my style or what I vibe with is really coming across.


In terms of what new things I did/learned I did this cool MW2 title at the start. Pretty easy to learn and very cool effect, just youtube "call of duty text after effects" and it should show up. Apply a green glow, get the sound effects from YT, and BAM! a banger. Other than that I also recently bought motionbro's handy seamless transitions and used a few of them in this video. The camera pan is a bit cheesy but I just wanted to play with it. I do like the light flare although you can find pretty good ones on youtube too. I also played around with a phone flash camera transition that I thought came out decent. 


And yes, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I got footage of me eating the whole thing but it was super dark. As you can see on the footage things were grainy af. Anyways hope you enjoyed :)