New kicks! //007

After the long wait, the new vlog is up!



To be honest I didn't even want to make this one. Not super interesting nor did I do a lot of new things with it. But I think the end results was somewhat entertaining and it was a bit of a warm up to get me back into editing. Tried b-roll footage with the shoes at my new place, thats why the background was different so that was something new to try out. You probably can tell but some of it was shot with an iphone on a gimbal, but even though it was smoother I still prefer the 80D footage handheld a lot more. 


Colorgrading also improved... in my opinion haha. But I'm finally going to be upgrading hardware and be editing on my XPS15 now so I can have more resources to handle color grading better and probably (hopefully) improve! 

Tried some meme editing as well and I think this is a case of turning something from nothing. Not that I'm proud of it. I'm borderline considering not even uploading this and am not going to advertise/promote it on social media. I think this goes back to the point in my last vlog where I said I was uninspired and vlogs dont really have that much meaning for me anymore especially when my life isn't that interesting all the time. 


Hmm... we'll see. Might talk about this in an upcoming video. And don't worry, 2 new videos are underway so I won't be gone for another hiatus lmao


Also I decided to (pretty much) keep the shoes. Theyre still deadstock as of now (7/3/18) but I used my UBs that I got last year and they are soooo nice. I would probably end up getting another pair of shoes for the gym anyways so these function as gym + casual shoes so this saves me from getting another pair in the future.