My first vlog?

I just dropped my first "vlog" I guess. 


Some would say my new york videos were vlogs, and I kinda see that but I don't consider them vlogs really. Maybe because I feel like I didn't talk as much in them or I feel like they're more travel videos than a vlog, but its just how I see things.


In the video, I unbox and give my impressions on the yi4k. The yi4k has been reviewed a lot, and the general consensus is that its a pretty good action camera (especially at the price point). I also go to century park in Shanghai, which is near my house and talk about why I want to be a youtuber and create videos.


Essentially it came down to 3 points:


  1. To work on something I'm passionate about.

Filmmaking has become a recent passion of mine and I am determined to pursue it at some level. Ideally I would get a job in this industry somehow. I don't have set ideals (youtuber, tv show creator, DP of a movie, etc.), but this "media" industry is definitely something I'm interested in. So it isn't just videos, but in this particular video I talk about videos. But also design, photography, and animation. 


The way I see things, is that even if my content isn't THAT captivating, I will never improve if I don't create. So by making Vlogs and other content, I can work on my technical skills as well as my creative skills. Over time I hope to make boring content seem more exciting for the purpose of media, etc. Even though I am focused on quality, I'm also trying to be focused on quantity as well just so I can experiment with all kinds of content and find my vision.


  2. Express myself better


Speaking of vision, I want to be able to express my vision in the way I want and how I see things. There are a lot of things I am passionate about or feel that my voice should be heard and I want to mediate it in such a way that it aligns with my perspective and transcribes what I feel/see. In that, I will explore many ways to do so and eventually find a way that expresses my vision the best.


On top of that, expressing myself also includes not only the filmmaking portion to mediate how I see things but also the actor portion of things. In relation to vlogging or youtube, this is more of public speaking. I'm not a great public speaker, and I even took a class in college to try to help me. It actually did help me, but I'm still a pretty weak public speaker. Not great in front of the camera either. But over time and just doing it, will help me get better. I can take another class on public speaking if I want to, but I won't improve as much as I would if I were to just shoot videos of myself and speak in front of the camera. You learn best by DOING. 


3. All of it is fun to me!

Like I said at the start, it is something I'm passionate about. And why wouldn't you devote your time to things you care about and find fun? 


What is important is that I find this thing (filmming, DP, Photography, audio mixing, editing, etc.), all of it, fun! I enjoy it. 


Bonus points


I'm not really doing this for the pursuit of money or internet fame. Although they would be nice byproducts. I want to stay true to myself and do things I feel are right and hopefully attract an audience that feels the same. This is a creative/artistic pursuit of mine and although business might come in the mix, I would be doing this regardless... because I believe in my vision and its fun.


That's also why I don't necessarily believe in going into a certain niche right now either. Many people advise youtubers to stick to a niche and do regular uploads and that advice is very real and valid (and can be very helpful) but for now I will not follow it unless it feels right. I feel like there are a LOT of things I want to explore and talk about that I'm just going to be throwing ideas out at the start. And later on I might pick a niche for one channel (or more) but for now it's whatever I feel like doing (vlogs, travel videos, reviews, fitness videos, etc.)



A bonus point that I didn't include in the video is that it just helps me keep memories. We are lucky to be living in a time where we have so much power in our computers and cameras that this is possible for normal people. The power of creativity is as accessible as ever. Our parents or grandparents didn't really have this access to document their lives and be able to look back and see what they really did. 



I'm not going to be making daily vlogs (yet...?) but I will be making weekly content. Not necessarily vlogs but always content that I want to at least try. Watch out for vlog 2... coming soon.


PS. this video has been out 1 week at this point and I'm a bit disheartened that it has so little views especially compared to my other videos. So far, I've felt like the newest video I make (at the time) is usually the best one. I look at some of my other videos and the coloring is abysmal (not that its great here) and the editing is sporadic.