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Write your ideas down. // 002

Yeah, I realize I'm late. Not that it matters to my 16 subscribers... or does it? Let me know if it does!


But yeah, this footage is pretty "old". About 2 weeks old... I honestly could've done this earlier but vlog 1 took me longer to edit (than I thought it would). I was also pretty lazy or didn't have any specific vision for this video. If you've watched it, I think you can tell that there is way less thought that went into this video than my last video. Which I think is my best one yet, so check it out!


I actually thought about not uploading this, and I may even delete it in the future. But for now I'm saying I probably won't. Along with this, I hope to explain why I chose to upload this despite it being a pretty boring episode. 


I think, especially with youtube, videos can be more casual but things should be more consistent/regular. My uploads in the past have been pretty sporadic and by no means does this mean that I intend to daily vlog but just uploading more would be nice. I think just forcing myself to make content will make me better at it, I didn't learn a whole lot with this video but I did try some new things out and I did have fun making it. And if slowly, over time, thats how I get better then I don't mind it. 

Plus uploading more consistently just gives me more drive and improves my turnaround time.

Compared with my first episode, a lot less pre-production went into this and for a casual vlog I think its fine. But if in the future I want to make something flow well, I think a lot of preproduction and planning has to go into it.


More on having a notebook

So yeah the main "topic" of this video is pretty boring, but a helpful tip... hopefully!

I just googled this randomly: https://www.shopify.com/content/6-psychological-benefits-of-writing-things-down


but I've heard all of this throughout school from my teachers, and talked about it in my Psych classes. I think it makes sense but regardless, these days I think a lot of people can benefit from time off a screen and if you were to use this tip, then using a notebook (w/pen and paper) is a good idea!


Either way I hope ya'll start journaling/keeping a notebook more.