Boston food journal Hood hauls episode 2: THe North end
Directed, shot, and edited by: Ryan putranto. co-produced by: Brittany dicupa PA: Catherine Ehrlich
Boston food journal the hood hauls episode 1: Chinatown
Directed, shot, and edited by ryan putranto. co-produced by: Brittany dicupa. Pa: Catherine Ehrlich
Sichuan peppercorn cook off
Producers: Victor Peña and Dai Qian Featuring: Hanley Chu, Victoria Ho, and Clarissa Wei
 Videographers: Mario Chui, Nicholas Ko, and Ryan Putranto 
Editor and Mastering: Victor Peña
Roosevelt island photomeetup 2018
Huawei Sound X Exhibit
Client: Huawei
Producer: Vincent
Director: Ryan Putranto
Editor: Ryan Putranto
Director: Ryan Putranto
Producer: OP
Editor: Ryan Putranto + OP
Goldthread chinese DNA test segment
Producers: Victoria Ho and Gavin Huang
Videographers: Ryan Putranto and Joel Roche
Editor and Mastering: Joel Roche

Inside China's Last Cave people
Client: Scmp

Producer: Lea Li Script: Weiyu Qian
 Editors: Hanley Chu and Ryan Putranto
 Mastering and Narration: Victor Peña 
Music: Audio Network
Reginbow 2019 Promo video
Director: Ryan Putranto
Editor: Ryan Putranto
Client: Reignbow 
Dewar Whisky Tik Tok Campaign (ft. Sam Lin and MC han)
Director: MC Han and RYan Putranto
DP: Ryan Putranto
Editor: Ryan Putranto
Client: Dewar WHisky
Jeff michelot fitness ig posts
Back on my feet Promo
Directed, shot, and edited by Anthony Gentles. Cam op 2: Ryan Putranto

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