Gareth T. November Rain 2022 Documentary
Film by: Ryan Putranto 
Executive Producer: Nathan Erickson 
Associate Producers: Madeline Mak, Charmaine Ng, Leanne Lam 
Subtitle Translation: Serena Zheng, Astor Chan Ken Lai, Paul Wong 
Production: Lifestyleasia HK
 Jewelry: EMPHASIS Jewellery
HSBC x Zinan Mural (CIEE 2021)
Director: Ryan Putranto
 AD: Katherine Gu 
Videographers: Patrick Zhang, Katherine Gu, Ryan Putranto 
Post Production: Ryan Putranto 
Line Producer: Eva Fu 
Motion Graphics: Alexander Kaunas
Derek Dali Road to HITC GZ
Film by: Ryan Putranto
Videographers: Ryan Putranto, John Razalo
Colourist: John Razalo
Goldthread x Youku: Hairy Crab and Lamb Stew: Searching for New Recipes in the Countryside
Script: Tiffany Ip 
Narration: Dai Qian
 Editors: Ryan Putranto and Nicholas Ko
 Mastering: Victor Peña
bbno$ wild adventure in Hong Kong
Film and edited by: Ryan Putranto
Produced by: Aaron Chow, Ryan Putranto, Dan Nudelman, Luce, DJ Tip, Ruairi Lazers
Special Thanks: SHFT
Sik-K 24 hours in Hong Kong
Director: Ryan Putranto 
Producer: Ambrose Leung, Aaron Chow 
Special Thanks: John David Dela Peri, Onion Production
Goldthread: Is this China's Best Hiking Trail?
Producer: Tessa Chan 
Script and Narration: Jessica Novia
 Editor: Ryan Putranto 
Mastering: Victor Peña
Fnatic: BMW Legends in Action Worlds 2020 (Episode 3 and 4)
Fnatic: BMW Legends in Action Worlds 2020 Episode 5
Director: Peter Nguyen
Producer: Peter Nguyen, Alfred Ashby, Andrew Braun
Videographer: Peter Nguyen, Ryan Putranto
Editor: Peter Nguyen
Director/Editor: Ryan Putranto
 B Cam/Producer: Aaron Chow
Goldthread: How Drugs Ruined This Chinese Village
Producer: Tom Wang 
Script: Weiyu Qian 
Editor: Ryan Putranto
 Animation: Ray Ngan 
Narration and Mastering: Victor Peña
Goldthread: Inside China's Last Cage Village
Producer: Lea Li 
Script: Weiyu Qian 
Editors: Hanley Chu and Ryan Putranto
 Mastering and Narration: Victor Peña
Why Milk Tea in Hong Kong Tastes So Unique | City Bites Hong Kong Edition Ep2
Producer: Angie Hon, Cassie Fei 
Videographer: Gavin Wong, César del Giudice, Erin Lo, Cassie Fei, Ryan Putranto 
Editor: César del Giudice 
Animation: Stella Yoo
 Narration: Dai Qian 
Mastering: César del Giudice
Tales of the Howlin' Huskies
Check out the TOTHH page for all episodes I worked on! Worked on 6 episodes. 
Director/Producer: Colin Beatt
Editor/Videographer: Anthony Gentles
Gaffer/PA/Videographer/Assistant editor/Trailer Editor: Ryan Putranto

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