Hairy Crab and Lamb Stew: Searching for new recipes in the countryside
Script: Tiffany Ip 
Narration: Dai Qian
 Editors: Ryan Putranto and Nicholas Ko
 Mastering: Victor Peña
Is this China's best Hiking Trial?
Producer: Tessa Chan 
Script and Narration: Jessica Novia
 Editor: Ryan Putranto 
Mastering: Victor Peña
BMW Legends in Action Worlds 2020 (Episode 3 and 4)
Director: Peter Nguyen
Producer: Peter Nguyen, Alfred Ashby
Videographer: Peter nguyen, Ryan putranto
editor: peter nguyen
Drone footage: Andrew Braun

After the Coronavirus, can Life return to normal?
Producer: Weiyu Qian 
Videographer: Patrick Wong
 Narration: Victor Peña 
Editor: Ryan Putranto
Animation: Ray Ngan
 Mastering: Victor Peña
How Drugs ruined this village
Producer: Tom Wang 
Script: Weiyu Qian 
Editor: Ryan Putranto
 Animation: Ray Ngan 
Narration and Mastering: Victor Peña
Inside China's last cave village
Producer: Lea Li Script: Weiyu Qian 
Editors: Hanley Chu and Ryan Putranto
 Mastering and Narration: Victor Peña
Tales of the howlin huskies (docu-series)
Check out the TOTHH page for all episodes I worked on! Worked on 6 episodes. 
director/producer: colin beatt
Editor/cam op: Anthony Gentles
Gaffer/PA/videograper/assistant editor/trailer editor: Ryan Putranto

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