DRaco: Twione
Directed, shot, and edited by Ryan Putranto. 
one of the music videos where I had more creative control over. from preproduction, storyboarding, shot lists, production, gaffing, editing, etc. A lot of it was me, but also ideas went through the artist and twione had some input as well. some of the locations and shots didn't work as planned and we had to improvise a lot, but overall i am very happy with how this came out given our resources. i do wish we implemented more car scenes though and some dialogue tweaks and camera movement can be even storyboarded more. not the biggest fan of how i did the ayy ayy ayy either but you live and you learn. 
Just Like Nipsey: Kyle Bent
directed by: Kyle bent + Ryan Putranto. Gaffer: Ryan Putranto. Shot and edited: Ryan Putranto
Honestly not a huge fan of one location shoots but we made the most of it and i had a lot of shots pre planned in pre production. we made the most of it by using moody silhouettes, using the bed to tell a story, and a fog machine. 
Kwaku -03
Directed by: Rowin' the Ocean
Edited by: Ryan Putranto and Rowin'
Talent: Kwaku

Co-edited a music video for kwaku for his song "03". Rowin did most of the simple cuts, coloring, and I did additional coloring, fx, flares, transitions, text, and social media promo.

The Plan: Kwaku (Half a music video- basically)
Directed, shot, and edited by: Ryan Putranto
so this isn't really a music video, and there may be one in the future. But i'm choosing to include this here because I liked how i edited it. yes it may be jacking lonewolf's style a bit, but this was all done by photoshop and masking. i know there are paper packs these days, but it was a lot of fun to figure it out and pull it off. 
Position: Kyle Bent
Directed by: Kyle Bent, Ryan Putranto. Shot and edited by: Ryan Putranto
My first ever music video shoot. Although a lot of the camera movement could be improved, this was one of my first times truly using my gimbal and i thought the pacing and effects were, or even still to this day, are cool. So I'm still including it in my portfolio. 
Wait for it: Houston Bernard
Directed, shot, and edited by : ANthony Gentles. Second Cam Op: Ryan Putranto and Beatt productions. Production assistant: Melissa Faulkner
Some of my footage was used in this video. Shot a lot of BTS, may be out in the future. or not. 
All I need: Emmanuella
Directed by Emmanuella and Darren wynn. Shot by Ryan Putranto and Darren Wynn. Edited by Daren Wynn. full credits in video description.

Love someone: Kyle Bent
Directed by Kyle bent and Ryan Putranto. Shot and edited by Ryan Putranto
As with videos with kyle he sets the initial script, then i refine it in pre-production with a rough storyboard or shot list. i really felt like this song could've used multiple location and multiple outfit but the video had 0 budget and for our constraints, i think the video isn't bad. shows good pacing and there was one dope effect.
Toy Wang Boombap Studio Performance

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