Draco Music video
Directed and edited by Ryan Putranto. Co-directed by Antwione Taylor. 
'Draco' is a music video featuring twione and sleazus. it has a storyline following two guys who are threatened by the don to steal the draco for him.
Freddie Gibbs @ Arkham
Palace after party featuring freddie gibbs
VROSKIII Halloween Recap 
Sichuan Peppercorn cook off
Client: Goldthread (SCMP)
Producers: Victor Peña and Dai Qian Featuring: Hanley Chu, Victoria Ho, and Clarissa Wei 
Videographers: Mario Chui, Nicholas Ko, and Ryan Putranto
 Editor and Mastering: Victor Peña
Huawei Sound X Exhibition vlog recap 
Client:  Huawei
Influencer: Vincent
Videographer + Editor: Ryan Putranto
Inside China's last Mountain People
Client: SCMP

Producer: Lea Li Script: Weiyu Qian 
Editors: Hanley Chu and Ryan Putranto
 Mastering and Narration: Victor Peña
 Music: Audio Network
The plan Promo
NESN Docu-series: Tales of the howlin huskies (see full page for more)
Regionally broadcasted docu-series on Northeastern athletics (30 minute episodes). I worked on 5 episodes on season 1 and 1 episode on season 2. it was under beatt productions for nesn for northeastern
Directed by Colin Beatt, Edited by Anthony Gentles, Videographer/PA/gaffer/pa: Ryan Putranto

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